Uplifting Rose™ honey


A beautiful pink raw acacia rose honey maceration that is both uplifting and treats anxiety.


A raw acacia honey infusion that is both uplifting and treats anxiety. The beautiful pink shade of honey has a delicate flavour but a powerful effect. The taste has been likened to Turkish Delight.

Additional information

Weight 221 g

Tasting Notes

Light floral flavour in a clear manuka-like Acacia honey with the great taste of rose. Many people liken the taste to Turkish Delight.


Anti-anxiety and mood-enhancing maceration in the manuka-like honey.


Acacia Honey | Rose petals | Linden | Hops | Beetroot | Lemon Balm | Lavender

Certified Origins

Hungarian flag denoting that one or more ingredient was ethically sourced from Hungary.Chinese flagPolish flagSerbian flagBritish flag, denoting that one or more ingredients were ethically sourced from the United Kingdom.


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