Spiced Ginger™ Tea


If you look forward to the crisp winter days, try this spicy, warming Ginger flavoured tea blend and straight away your imagination will conjure up a roaring log fire, so raise your cup to this special season. 

Packed full of the flavours of the season this tea will comfort and refresh you in the depths of winter.

Spiced Ginger™ Tea

If you love the taste of ginger, if you never get bored of it, then you’ll love the taste of this sweet, hot, spicy tea blend, rounded off with the exotic flavour of Cinnamon and Cloves.

When you look out at the frosty landscape and the sun’s rays are struggling to make an impact, just brew yourself a cup of this Ginger Tea. The warmth of the infusion and the glowing emotions that accompany it will warm your bones and shield you from the icy world outside. After a Spiced Ginger™ Tea, you see the world and your next objectives differently.  

 Our tea blend is already made for the winter period, it is also excellent as a gift.


This tea strengthens your immune system, aids digestion and cleans your body.

And, what’s more, it is packed with key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

For a detailed description, please look at the individual ingredients.


Initial Taste:


Hibiscus | Ginger | Sage | Orange peel | Elderberry | Apple pieces | Liquorice | Elderflower | Cinnamon | Cloves | Stevia | Blueberry

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