Rainbow Fairy Dance™ 50g


Anytime you feel low – just like during a long winter, you can relieve the gloom by drinking this ray of sunshine, just like the rainbow after the rain – the aromatic Rainbow Fairy Dance™ tea boosts your mood, and vitality and can also help burn fat.

Anytime you feel low – just like during a long winter – you can relieve the gloom by drinking this ray of sunshine, just like the rainbow after the rain – the aromatic Rainbow Fairy Dance™ Tea boosts your mood and vitality, and can also help burn fat.

A pleasant rosy, refreshing tea blend, which we recommend consuming hot or chilled. A great daytime alternative to coffee and energy drinks. It is uplifting thanks to the Rose petals and St. John’s Wort that counterbalance the calming effects of the Linden. Due to the caffeine content of Yerba Mate, we recommend this tea for daytime consumption.


Weight 50 g


The benefits to your health include:

  • Mood enhancing.
  • Weight-loss.

The ingredients are beautifully balanced to give you both an uplifting and yet calming brew. St. John’s Wort is an uplifting herb and relaxing mood enhancer. This is supported by the delicately flavoured Rose petals that give this tea a wonderfully sweet flavour and help improve the digestive system. Linden also adds to the mild floral flavour and assists the relaxing nature of this brew, by suppressing over-excitement, thus reducing anxiety, and as a diuretic – it reduces toxins and inflammation. All these herbs can induce relaxation to help the body revive itself.

Acacia can help with weight loss thanks to its ability to reduce acid from the stomach and relieve digestive issues, such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and promotes overall liver health that further helps the body detoxify and lose excess weight. It also helps combat a build-up of cholesterol that prevents other organs from functioning properly.

Liquorice supports this by helping the body extract more fat by controlling the enzymes the body uses in digesting fatty tissue. It combats stress and encourages relaxation. We have included Stevia to ensure that the infusion remains sweet to the drinker, combining as a very low/zero calorie herb with the Liquorice. The caffeine-rich Yerba Mate increases the metabolism that helps reduce appetite (alongside the Acacia). Mate has a dual effect on the body, both stimulating and relaxing the system.

The St. John’s Wort – is good for mild to moderate depression – in lifting the spirits of the drinker, and can help manage weight by reducing the focus on eating.

Even the sweetest tooth will enjoy and be uplifted by this infusion.



St John’s Wort | Rose petals | Yerba Mate | Liquorice | Linden | Acacia | MarigoldStevia | Natural flavours

Contains caffeine (Yerba Mate) and St John’s Wort that can interact with some sedative medication, so before purchasing this tea, please read the warning pages and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

This tea contains 100% natural products without allergens or impurities, and no added flavours or colourants, so its consumption should not cause any unpleasant stomach upsets. Please refer to possible side effects in the sheet enclosed or on our website. Shake well before use.


Rainbow Fairy Dance Tea™ is a natural, healthy alternative to coffee or energy drinks, we recommend a daily dose of 1-2 mugs a day. You can drink Rainbow Tea both hot and cold, it’s a matter of taste and time.

To get the most out of your tea, heat a cup (250ml) of fresh water to boiling point and pour over one-two teaspoons (3g) of the tea. Cover the cup/mug and allow to steep for 15-20 minutes. Do not use a metal filter or spoon.

It is best served fresh because a hot drink in itself has a beneficial effect on your body and your mood. It’s worth taking the time to drink tea, at least for the first tea in the morning, where you can relax a little, sip slowly, think about your daily tasks, and let the tea make an impact.

By the time you drink tea in 5-10 minutes, the heat and energy will completely permeate your body, soul and mind in a fresh, energetic way, with orderly thoughts and great momentum.

If you do not have the opportunity to make tea while working, feel free to bring tea from home in a flask or tea bottle, Rainbow tea is also an excellent drink that can also be served cold to refresh you during the summer.

Rainbow Tea™ is only recommended during the day, due to its invigorating effect that could affect sleep.

Possible Side Effects

In this special tea, the ingredients, amplify and complement each other’s effects, thanks to the synergy between them, providing the energy and momentum needed to get the day off to a good start.

Rainbow Fairy Dance Tea™ is a 100% natural product, it does not contain allergens or impurities, and it does not contain added flavours, so its consumption should not cause unpleasant stomach upsets.

T’n’T Teas® Rainbow Fairy Dance Tea™ is a certified, premium quality professionally mixed product, made with the highest quality, medicinal natural herbs from around the world. We pay special attention to the purity of the plants, so we only buy the certified raw materials for our products from reliable, controlled sources, so we can ensure that we minimise contact with foreign substances during storage, transportation, and production.

If you are unsure about the medication you are taking, we recommend Sunshine Tea™ which has the same ingredients, but no St John’s Wort. So you can still enjoy the sunshine in your day.

CAUTION: Herbs have medicinal properties and can promote the body’s physical and mental self-healing and harmonising process, but they cannot replace medical examination, care and possible treatment – so if you are on medication from your doctor, please check that they are happy for you to drink the tea. If you feel any discomfort, stop and only restart slowly if you are comfortable doing so (it might not be the herbal tea that causes the discomfort!). Pregnant or breastfeeding women should exercise extra caution and children under the age of 12 years old, should avoid all caffeine.


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