Lemon Twist™ Tea 100g*


The master herbalist’s recommendation for an uplifting, refreshing infusion for gourmets of aromatic teas.

Lemon Twist™ has a well-balanced citrus aroma, expertly mixed with the sophisticated and elegant Earl Grey tea, creating a true Princess of a tea blend.

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What better way to relax than with a comforting cup of our Lemon Twist™ Tea? A sumptuous blend of calming herbs and spices will help take away all the pressures of daily life. Simply brew, pour, sip, close your eyes, and feel the peace.

We recommend that you take your time to enjoy every drop of this full-bodied perfumed nectar of smooth Lemon Twist™ like ambrosia in God’s garden.

The well-balanced blend of the bold, sweet citrusy Bergamot tea boosted by the lemon herbs gives the kick without the sour taste hinted at by the Peppermint.

The Lemon Balm relaxes you on a hectic day, harmonising with the aromatic Peppermint that blows the anxiety away while the perfumy organic Bergamot flavour calms your mind for a couple of magical moments. And you can continue your day in peace and quiet.

If it’s still not enough then try this mix with a slice of fresh lemon, or if you prefer it sweeter, a drop of Acacia honey. But it’s worth trying this amazing mix as it is first!


Earl Grey Rooibos | Peppermint | Lemongrass | Lemon peel | Lemon Balm

Weight 100 g


A calming, stress-relief infusion that combats feelings of anxiety. It has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels. It is good against muscle and nerve pain, and also helps with menstrual pains and cramps, for the specific tea for ladies click here.


Initial taste:


Heat a fresh cup of water to almost boiling point, pour over 1-2 teaspoons of the loose tea into the cup and steep with a cover for 15-20 minutes. Best consumed freshly brewed as a hot drink, in itself this has a beneficial effect on your immune system – sieve before drinking, if not using a teabag. For the best flavour, store in a cool dark place.

Possible Side Effects

In this special tea, the ingredients, amplify and complement each other’s effects, thanks to the synergy between them, providing the energy and momentum needed to get the day off to a good start.

Lemon Twist™ is a 100% natural product, it does not contain allergens or impurities, and it does not contain added flavours, so its consumption should not cause unpleasant stomach upsets.

T’n’T Teas® Lemon Twist™ Tea is a certified, premium quality professionally mixed product, made with the highest quality, medicinal natural herbs from around the world. We pay special attention to the purity of the plants, so we only buy the certified raw materials for our products from reliable, controlled sources, so we can ensure that we minimise contact with foreign substances during storage, transportation, and production.

CAUTION: Herbs have medicinal properties and can promote the body’s physical and mental self-healing and harmonising process, but they cannot replace medical examination, care and possible treatment – so if you are on medication from your doctor, please check that they are happy for you to drink the tea. If you feel any discomfort, stop and only restart slowly if you are comfortable doing so (it might not be the herbal tea that causes the discomfort!). Pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under the age of 12 years old, you should exercise extra caution.


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