Herbal Remedies

Herbs have been used for millennia, you even find animals selecting certain plants for their health or at different times of year – not just for nourishment. We are committed to informing you about the traditional benefits of the herbs and how they can assist for particular illnesses.

Herbal remedies, embraced by doctors throughout history, involve harnessing the therapeutic properties of plants for medicinal purposes. Ancient physicians recognised the healing potential of various herbs, incorporating them into treatments for a wide array of ailments. Today, the tradition of herbal remedies endures, with modern science often validating the efficacy of certain botanical compounds. While herbal remedies have a rich historical backdrop, it’s advisable to consult with contemporary healthcare professionals for a balanced approach to wellness.

Legislative Straightjacket

We maintain that we are acting in the best interests of our customers, ethically and morally, and try to keep within the legal framework. As a result, we do not ‘advertise’ the medicinal benefits and side effects, but these are freely accessible to you, with clinical and traditional research references for each ingredient and where…

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Please note, however, our information is for educational and entertainment purposes. We are not medically trained, and professional herbal training is not legally permitted to recommend treatments. This said, we endeavour to p[rovide you with the traditional evidence, backed up by many, global scientific papers. Our advice, however, remains that you should always seek the advice and opinions of your healthcare provider – they are, increasingly, acknowledging the benefits and power of tradiational, natural treatments using herbs, after all, most medicines have their origins in the traditional herbal treatments.

A great benefit of herbal reemdies is the reduction of side effects. These herbs generally work in balance with your body – the imbalance is the cause of many side effects. Herbs can take a little longer to take effect, but often helps your body heal itself (including associated conditions that may have been triggered by the illness or condition).

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