Unique Hand-blended Teas

The teas are not only very tasty,
they are packed with the goodness and
power of the herbs.

Functional Teas for Health

Herbs mean healing and our
infusions are designed to help
you as well as tasting great.

Comforting Brews

Just sit back and enjoy a cup
of our wonderful tea
and relax.

Apitherapeutic Solutions

Herb infused honey solutions
as part of an apitherapy remedy
combining the power of the herbs and
raw honey.

Harnessing the blessing of nature

Our teas are loveingly hand-blended, combining the powerful benefits of the herbs with outstanding taste.
Apitherapy uses natural raw honey as a way of healing. We combine this quality grade honey with our herbs to enhance the benefits... try it!
Herbs are great to use inside and out. Treat yourself to a herbal spa and reap the benfits of the blends.
Children are advised not to use herbal treatments, as the herbs can be too strong. We have developed a tasty range of child-friendly products...

“Wow! This tea took me by surprise! I really didn't expect the flavours to be so rich.”

– Sarah Roberts


“I did the three month functional tea treatment and it really worked. I mean, my doctor has taken me off my meds! I'm impressed.”

– Ewan Bresse


“I always thought 'Herbal' tea tasted of straw. I've only tried about 5 teas so far, and they are sooo much better than anything I ever got form the shops. Thoroughly recommended!”

– Valerie Lester


"I just love the honey. I didn't realise there was a difference, and that mixing the right herbs could be so beneficial."

– Fern Mitchell


"Number 1 skeptic turned Number 1 fan. Try the teas, I'm sure you will agree!"

– Sophie Dennis

Hortus Medicus International Ltd

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The Team

Tina Poole

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Thom Poole

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Andrea Ju

Chief Nutritionist

A N Other

Chief Pharmacist

Karen Farrell

Chief Taster

New flavours being added all the time

We are planning a new newsletter to keep you informed about our exciting range of herbal products. We are not quit eready yet, but hope to announce it soon - please call back to find out more.