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Most of the infusions that we create are designed for the consumer market and sold through a series of distributors – resellers and tea rooms. If you would like to become a distributor, or if you are interested in selling our products under your own brand, please complete the forms.

We offer three levels of engagement – you can become a reseller of the Hortus Medicus International teas and brands, taking the products as they are and we will provide macro advertising, but you will be responsible for local promotions.

Another option is to buy wholesale from us – this provides you with large volumes of teas that you can package and distribute/sell as you wish. We can also provide unbranded packaging materials, such as caddies and cellophane, to sell to consumers.

The final option is white-label, where we provide you with our tea in your packaging, and if desired, with your product names. We can provide you with this, either ready packed or flat packed where you can also finish the packaging in your own workshop, allowing you to claim that the product is ‘made’ in your locality.

Our company is still very young, although the roots of our knowledge go back centuries. After the first year of preparation, our company is growing exponentially. Today, we have business relationships with dozens of resellers and white-label businesses in Britain and overseas.

If you would like to be our business partner, please contact us via email.

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