Company Ethos

We are equally passionate about the natural ingredients we use and our love for the planet. Our corporate ethos is to provide customers with the best quality, natural ingredients – we do not force our suppliers around the world to obtain the organic certification, as many of them do not have the means to obtain and retain the accreditation.

All our packaging has been chosen because it is recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. This means that you can rest assured that when you buy any of our products, you are doing the best for the planet whilst you are enjoying our unique blends.

Our Customers Drive Us

We strive to delight our customers – be they wholesale/reseller customers or the person drinking our blends. We create quality products that we serve to our friends and family, and that we drink every day (yes, we drink a lot of tea!). We care for the environment, which is why we select our suppliers carefully and engage with them to grow, harvest and prepare the herbs in a sustainable way and to get the best out of each crop.

We are not just the customers of our growers, we are their partners, and as such we care about their wellbeing. As a company, we have set up a system whereby 3% of our annual profit is put back into the communities that supply us – not with our own foundation (with a hierarchy and additional costs), but with established charities and educational programmes.

Why Not Organic?

Many of our products are certified organic, but as we work with growers and farmers from poor rural areas, they often do not have the resources to get a certification. This doesn’t mean that the products aren’t organic – they are likely to be more organic that the ones labelled as such. We test the purity of the ingredients, so we are not concerned about the lack of certificates, and we do not restrict trade with these small growers because of that.

Passion For Herbs

We set up a business not for money (though that is a good byproduct), but for our passion for the power of the herbs. We use the herbs for the functional and healing properties they offer, and love to educate people on these facts. Our Co-founder, Thom Poole is compiling a book that outlines the medicinal and mythology background of the herbs we use.

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