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Welcome to our Shropshire-based family businesses, where we’re passionate about introducing you to the wonderful world of herbal tea and its countless health benefits! For us, blending herbs is more than just a job—it’s a cherished way of life. We find joy in both the art of crafting herbal blends and the pure delight of sipping these flavorful concoctions. Beyond their positive impact on health, herbal teas bring a touch of enjoyment to our lives. Join us in embracing the holistic essence of herbal teas, and let’s savour the fusion of wellness and taste in every cup together! 

Hortus Medicus International Ltd was founded by Tina Domokos and Thom Poole who both share a passion for herbal remedies, especially when blended in the form of teas or honey. We have taken our knowledge from around the world, and continue to use the combined know-how and efforts of our family, globally, to bring you the best, most flavoursome infusions.

Selecting herbs from outstanding suppliers who can guarantee the quality of their ingredients, we are proud to supply you with very tasty, refreshing and nutritious infusions. We are passionate that others are able to experience a cup of hot, fragrant tea with a rich aroma when professionally prepared and served. Our extended know-how of the benefits of natural ingredients extends to raw honey that we blend with herbs, expertly, to maximise their benefits to you.

Tina is a qualified medical herbalist and natural practitioner and combines Thom’s horticultural background to create a company that really understands the ingredients that are in each blend. We focus on the best of each ingredient that compliments the purposes that they are created for. We work with our blending expert so that you get the best quality and taste for your infusions.

Our knowledge of natural medicine

Both founders have been very close to nature throughout their lives. Tina received training in healing, natural therapy and phytotherapy after showing interest in her ‘herb books’ as a young child – a family heirloom dating back centuries (Family mythology).

Thom came into contact with herbs thanks to his agricultural/horticultural training. At a young age, he became a lover of this healing world of taste. Thom is an author and a Marketing Director by profession, using his professional skills to start our business as a strong team.

We also consume these teas at home on a daily basis, but the children of the family (and friends’ families) were often not as enthusiastic about bitter-tasting herbal ‘medicines’. This is when we decided to formulate more palatable infusions that combine the benefits of medicinal herbs and enjoyable teas in truly unique compositions.

We select plants that enhance each other’s effects

The herbs are selected so that their active ingredients mutually reinforce each other, and the mixtures provide a delicious, refreshing taste. We choose from herbs that are well-tested in traditional medicine: in addition to popular ingredients (Camomile, Ginger, Mint, Rosehip, etc.), we also use less-known and exotic herbs.

Our workshop is fully licensed

The Hortus Medicus International workshop in Shropshire has, of course, been designed and equipped to a wide range of standards and we work to international standards (ISO9000), as do our suppliers around the world. You can rest assured that the ingredients you have in your blends are amongst the finest you can get.

The most important thing, however, is the care and love that goes into the bag along with the beneficial herbs when blending the tea. We work with our own traditional recipes and are happy to combine them with modern solutions.

We do not use artificial flavours or colours

Our tea blends use only natural ingredients; none of our products contains artificial flavours or additives. Since we and our family use these teas, we highly recommend them to our customers. The taste of our tea speaks for itself; thanks to this, a large number of people who taste the tea later become our customers. We would like to introduce what drinking our tea is all about; new experiences. Just look at our portfolio and choose your favourite tea – the tea will prove itself!

When do I drink Hortus Medicus’ Teas?

I drink when I’m happy, but I also drink when I’m sad.

Sometimes I drink when I’m alone, but always in company!

If I don’t have an appetite, I’m happy to consume a cup, but if I have an appetite, there’s no way I miss it.

Otherwise, I won’t touch it – unless I’m thirsty.

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